Procrastinators, take note. Our next do-it-yourself project is perfect for gifting, and chances are you already have most of the materials you need. Ivy Williams, an artist at Redux, shows us how to make simple and versatile pamphlets.

“The pamphlet is quick, easy, and elegant,” Williams says. “You could make a small decorative book as a gift or shorten this version for a dressy Christmas card. You can create custom books by printing out photos, poems, or addresses. All materials can be found at your local art store that carries a little bit of book arts supplies.” She suggests Artist and Craftsman at 143 Calhoun St.

Thin paper
Decorative paper
Metal ruler
Craft knife
Waxed thread
Awl (needle with handle)
Small needle (no. 5 recommended)
Bone folder

1. Determine what size book you’d like to make. For example, we made a book that is 5×7 inches closed.
2. Using the ruler and knife, cut out between five and 10 folios of thinner paper to make pages for the book. Folios are long pieces of paper that measure the length of your book by twice the width. In our example, a folio would measure 10×7 inches. For a holiday card, you could use just one folio.
3. Fold the folios in half by lightly marking the top and bottom of the center line, placing your ruler along the lines, and scoring with the point of your bone folder. Close the folio and run the broad side of the bone folder over the fold to reinforce it.
4. Insert folios inside of each other so you have a series of pages, called a section. Trim any uneven edges with the ruler and craft knife.
5. Create a cover slightly larger than your pages.
6. Score the cover in half with the ruler and bone folder. Wrap the cover around your folded pages.
7. Tap the bottom and folded side of the book on the table you’re working on to knock everything into place. Carefully open the book so that the folds still perfectly line up and lay flat and open to the center fold on the table. Align the section so there is an even amount of cover peeking out from the top and bottom.
8. Using the awl, punch 3 holes in the very center folds, one inch from the top and bottom and in the center of the book.
9. Cut a piece of thread twice the length of the spine of the book and thread needle.
10. Insert the needle from the outside of the book through the center hole, leaving a couple of inches of thread behind for tying off later. Go up to the top hole and run the needle back through to the outside of the book. Run the needle all the way down to the bottom hole and inside the book. Enter the needle back out of book through the center hole. Tie a knot on either side of string in the center and cut the excess string. Start from the inside if you prefer the knot on the inside of the book.