When you put a bunch of young, attractive people in a former jail and you don’t serve them any food, but you have two open bars with top-shelf liquor, things are going to get, for lack of a better or more modern term, crunk. There was really very little to do at the Asylum: Breakout for a Cause party (a benefit for Teachers Supply Closet) at the Old City Jail on Thursday night but drink. So at first, things felt a little awkward. After snooping around the space or taking bondage-themed pictures in an old cell, guests milled around outside the building. The space was a little too big for the amount of people that actually arrived. But three or four drinks later, as the sun went down and the sounds of Electric Friends and Rocky Horror drifted through the air, people started to dance. And that’s when things got fun. It was like being at a house party, except everyone was dressed better than usual, the alcohol was quality, and the house was haunted. When the music went silent and the bartenders stopped pouring drinks, guests seemed disappointed. It may not have been the most action-packed evening, but then again, how many times can you get wasted at a creepy prison and not get arrested for trespassing or public drunkenness?