As we sipped Grand Marnier margaritas at the Gibbes’ block party on Thursday night, the unthinkable happened: we got flashed. Well, flash mobbed. Company members from the Charleston Ballet Theatre began dancing to Nina Simone’s “Sinner Man” on the museum’s front steps when suddenly an audience member joined in. And then another, and another. Next thing we knew, dozens of people were performing the choreography alongside the original dancers, and the reality of the situation — that we were witnessing a flash mob at a cocktail party outside of the city’s most prestigious art institution — set in.

I was secretly devastated to have not been a participant in the mob (note to self: peruse Craigslist for ads about flash mobs), though the sorrow didn’t last long, as we were in the midst of culinary greatness. Booths from Charleston’s best restaurants lined the Meeting Street block outside of the museum. Stand-outs included Caviar & Bananas’ bone marrow and oxtail marmalade in a buttered cone and Charleston Grill’s elotes en vaso (which, we discovered, is corn in a glass) with avocado crema, roasted tomatillos and poblanos. And we discovered the true meaning of happiness while indulging in macaroons from Macaroon Boutique.

The evening also featured a Southwest airlines giveaway, and we were once again devastated when we didn’t win (because there’s nothing poor journalists love more than free stuff). Post-loss, we drowned our sorrows in Cypress’ hot dogs, one of the event’s most delicious confections.