[image-1]There’s a little less shade at CofC’s Cistern Yard this afternoon after one of the statuesque oaks fell from its position lining the school’s grassy quad on George Street.

Initial reports of the tree falling floated across social media around 1:30 this afternoon along with word that nobody was hurt. The tree sat in the southwest corner of the yard, falling across the iron fence that flanks the street, clipping another tree on its way down. That part of Cistern Yard is a little more secluded during the day and isn’t normally busy, but the George Street sidewalk and Physicians Promenade just feet away is one of the busiest parts of campus during the semester. A view from Google Street View shows the tree as it stood in 2013.

After stopping by the scene, local landscape architect J.R. Kramer who runs Remark Studio, says it looks like the roots on the tree had begun to decay and that recent storms were enough to topple the giant water oak. Unlike live oaks, water oaks don’t have as long of a lifespan and stand more upright than the sprawling oaks seen throughout the rest of the area.

CofC President Glenn McConnell confirmed on Twitter that nobody was hurt, but George at Glebe Street remains closed for the time being. [image-2] [image-3]