Behind the Gibbes Museum of Art, there is a secret courtyard not many people know about. It is open to the public as part of the Charleston Gateway Walk, but many people assume it’s a private garden for Gibbes patrons.

Attorney Larry Kobrovsky’s office is around the corner from the courtyard, and he often walks the secluded path around the side of the museum for some quiet contemplation in the courtyard or a quick stroll down the Gateway Walk.

“It’s one of my favorite places in the world,” he says. “In terms of tranquility, there’s nothing better.”

Charleston Parks Conservancy is helping give the unnoticed gem more sparkle this week. Volunteers from the Women’s Council of the Carolina Art Association are teaming up with the conservancy to add shrubs and perennials to accommodate sunny and shaded areas throughout the garden.

“Right now, it’s just sort of plain, not a lot of stuff back there,” says conservancy spokeswoman Holly Fisher.

The big planting began Monday, but Fisher said that the new greenery will need continuous care throughout the year.

Hopefully, this revitalized garden will guide people to a colorful hidden treasure that has gone unnoticed for too long.