Harriet Miers is out of the picture. Now, the question remains, who should our fearless leader nominate for the vacant spot on the Supreme Court?

Damien Paris, guitarist of the New York hard rock outfit The Giraffes, has a novel suggestion. “I would nominate the corpse of Rodney Dangerfield,” Paris says. “Even with maggots eating out his eyeballs, he’s still got more to say than anyone else on the Supreme Court.”

Paris is chock-full of other good advice. At the top of the list, he believes that rock ‘n’ rollers should lighten up. “A lot of rock falls under this really bad hard rock stigma where everybody is way too serious. They sing songs about their feelings. I don’t give a shit about that,” Paris says. “Have a good time, get up there, and rock out.”

And make no doubt about it, the guys in The Giraffes practice what they preach. Their new self-titled LP on Razor & Tie Records is packed with the sort of high-energy, wink-and-nudge, naughty-knickers rock favored by the Eagles of Death Metal, Queens of the Stone Age and the rest of Josh Homme’s posse. Paris calls it “sexy rock.” When asked what exactly “sexy rock” is, he replies, “anything that gets a girl moving, anything that moistens their panties. And that goes for jockstraps, too.”

Whether it’s the “she-bop, she-bop” background vocals on “Jr. at His Worst” or the “You’re going home in a fucking ambulance” chorus that finishes off the brutal ode to Manchester United soccer riots entitled “Man U,” the Giraffes know that rock is best when served with a smart-ass sneer and a can of just-screwing-with-you. “I don’t think we’re a joke band. We’re serious about practice and showing up and trying our best to put on a show in terms of energy because that’s how we feel,” Paris says.

The Giraffes play at the Village Tavern on Thurs. Nov. 3.