I’ve lived in the Charleston area for almost two years now, and it’s funny to me how I still get so excited when my girlfriend and I run into other LGBT folks out and about in the community. Like…. Just the other night, we’re out at this quasi Japanese place and this table full of lesbians amble in and make their way to the cooktop next to us. “Oh my gosh…” my girlfriend whispers, “A whole table of sisters just arrived.” And sure enough…. There they were. And we were even more excited to see that they were actually close to our age. Hmmmm…. Young lesbians in the Holy City. And a whole table full!

Is this silly? Is this ridiculous? Tell me the truth…. Are my girlfriend and I the only ones who do this? (You can be honest…. I can take it!) To get so amped when we see more of “our kind” in this small city, where there are actually way more gay folks than I ever imagined there would be?

There are the obvious vehicles of connection for our community within Charleston proper. The token gay establishments…. Dudley’s, Patrick’s, De Ja Vu. And of course there’s AFFA and the Charleston Social Club for your relational connections. Or simply the Sunday afternoon ritual of hanging out at the end of Folly Beach.

But for the rest of us…. Those of us who seem to rely on those chance meetings out on the town. Those moments when you just happen to look across the restaurant and see another couple. Or when you’re standing in Whole Foods, eyeing the farm-raised salmon, and just happen to notice you’re not the only sister in the house. Or when you’re perusing the racks at Banana Republic and you run into that same girl who always seems to be in there. Well…. Next time that happens to you, give a sister a wave. Smile, maybe even say hi. You could be waving at me and who knows… I may just have to blog about our chance encounter in my next post. Until then….