America Ferrera on the cover of GlamourIt all started when Jane went under. Jane, the only women’s magazine that seemed to report on more than the standard how to please your man/lose 10 lbs/find jeans to fit your body drivel of Cosmo clones. I’d been a loyal subscriber to the snarky mag for years, and I’d even hoped to work there one day, ’til I got a little card in the mail telling me that Jane was going out of business and they’d be sending me Glamour instead. Thanks, Conde Nast.

When I received my first issue of Glamour, I was actually a little excited to see Ugly Betty star America Ferrera on the cover. But when I looked closer, it was pretty obvious that the picture had been doctored. The article was called “Surprise! She’s a bombshell (and you can be one too!)” and made a huge deal about how she’s become a star despite her “curvy” figure (“America Ferrera, star of Ugly Betty, is climbing Hollywood’s A-list — and she’s ignoring the unwritten rule that says stars must be blond and Twizzler-thin,” the article reads.) According to the cover, it was Glamour‘s first annual Figure-Flattery Issue. How progressive!

Obviously I’m irate about this, because I think that she’s adorable (even in a poncho) and there’s no reason she should have been photoshopped. When Glamour asked her about “being the newest spokeswoman for curvy figures in Hollywood,” she said she considers herself a regular-sized person, at size 6 or 8. Which she is. It’s disturbing that the Glamour people thought it neccessary to shrink and stretch the photograph. I wonder if it upset America as much as it did me.

Update: Glamour wrote back to me:

“Dear Erica,

Thanks so much for your letter about our October cover photo of America Ferrera. Let me assure you, we did not digitally slim her; as she mentions in the interview, she wears a size 6/8. You are seeing her as she actually appeared at our shoot in June. That said, we deeply value your feedback, and your letter has been read by our Editor-In-Chief and other senior staffers. Be sure to take a look inside at the photos of America and let us know what you think.”

I still don’t buy it, and neither does anyone else, judging by a score of other blogs.