[image-1]A noontime World Cup game leaves us with limited options of where to go out and watch the match. Luckily, The Alley has provided us with a solution by opening early tomorrow, June 26, for breakfast at the bowling alley where they will offer a special sweet-tooth satisfier from Glazed Gourmet Doughnuts. Glazed has designed an exclusive Team USA doughnut to be sold pre-game for the U.S. vs. Germany matchup. 

The specialty doughnut will be stuffed with vanilla bean crème — so if you’re a messy eater, get the napkins ready for the potential spilling of the filling. White frosting will cover the top of the doughnut and red frosting will be drizzled in stripes across it. To finish off the design of the sweet treats, a star-shaped sugar cookie will sit on top, covered in blue sprinkles. Can you think of anything more tempting than a cookie on a doughnut for breakfast? But there’ll only be 200 of the delicious, doughy delights available for early Alley-goers, and each will be sold for $2.

The Alley will open at 9 a.m., giving everyone the chance to get their sugar fix in early in the day and to prepare to view tomorrow’s game, when the U.S. takes on Germany at 12 p.m.