Radio talk show host and author Glenn Beck is actually a funny guy — or so goes the premise of Unelectable 2, his nationwide standup-comedy/mock-campaign tour that will make a stop at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center June 9.

Beck, now a legend of conservative cable-news commentary, actually got his start as a wisecracker, hosting local non-political morning radio talk shows in markets from Corpus Christi, Texas, to Louisville, Ky. The original Unelectable Tour coincided with the 2008 presidential race between Barack Obama and John McCain. writer Steve Almond has described Beck as “a wildly imaginative performer, a man who weds the operatic impulses of the demagogue to the grim mutterings of the conspiracy theorist.”

Beck himself has this to say about the tour on his website:

If politicians said the kinds of things that Glenn does—you know, the truth—they’d never get into office. That’s why Glenn Beck is unelectable—he can’t help but tell it like it is. No one is spared Glenn’s wrath…Democrats, Republicans, law makers and law breakers…everybody gets what’s coming to them in this incredible live comedy show. Election Day is coming whether we like it or not, so you might as well laugh before you cry.

Sound like a good show to you? Tickets go on sale Friday, Jan. 27, and cost $40 to $80 plus fees.