As the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day celebration is expected. What is not expected is for said celebration to be held in a parking garage. Last night, Spoleto Scene members followed the sound of music radiating from the alley-like Princess Street off King. What is, during business hours, the parking garage for the law firm Nexsen Pruet, was transformed into a swanky soiree in honor of Gallim Dance Troupe, whose final performance of I Can See Myself In Your Pupil proceeded the party. “Gallim” was scribbled in bright faux graffiti all over the garage’s walls, and a DJ, perched on construction scaffolding, spun classic dance tunes.

In transforming the garage, organizers strived to create the feel of a party on the set of West Side Story. Scene Committee Co-Chair Glen Gardner explained, “In being given a blank slate, like a parking garage, we tried to work with it without overdoing it, and in looking for inspiration, modern dance versus West Side Story was the thought we had.”