The Glass Onion must have heard my grumbling. They’re now offering table service during the evening dinner hours, giving indecisive people like me time to ponder the menu without feeling the pressure of ten other patrons waiting for you to get on with it already.

Ordering at the counter, particularly at a place with a menu as varied and appealing as the GO’s, stresses me out. I’m inevitably perplexed and torn by the choices. I stand there, open-mouthed, staring at the menu, letting streams of people step in front of me as I weigh all the choices.

But now I can sit at the table, order a sweet tea, and wait until everyone at my table places their order before I have to decide what it is I want to eat. Will it be Florida shrimp and grits with Benton bacon, spring onion, and greens? Or perhaps I should try the crispy duck leg with grits and braised bush beans, but maybe I should go with Bertolini’s cavatelli with Italian sausage ragu and peas. It all sounds so good, and it all is good, which is why it’s so damned tough to choose.

Table service has already begun during their regular dinner hours, Mon. through Thurs. until 9 p.m. and on Friday and Saturday until 10 p.m.

In other GO news, they’ll be hosting a four-course tasting dinner on Thurs. June 3, featuring the bounty of local farmers for $50 that can be paired with South African wines for an additional $20. Sounds like it’s time to go to the GO.