[image-1]If you were wondering why King Street smelled like a druid sacrifice last night, there’s a good reason: goat. Lots and lots of goat.

The parking lot of Butcher & Bee and High Wire Distilling Co. was the sight of the ritual and hordes of hungry eaters came to worship at the altar of hoofed delight. Half a dozen chefs laid out various takes on goat dishes, but my personal favorite was Root & Bone’s goat meatloaf. Sounds like an entree at a cat cafe, I know, but trust me, it was anything but. 

Like any good Wine + Food event, The Roasted Goat party featured plenty of libations. Various Virginia wines were poured in one corner of High Wire, while Foggy Ridge Cider as well as Fullsteam and Blackberry Farm’s beer was in another. Pro tip: get yourself over to Charleston Beer Exchange and grab yourself a bottle of Fullsteam’s Rabbit Rye IPA — good stuff.

As guests soaked up the smoke, a fife and drum band paraded around the event. Now forget all visions you may have of a red coat-wearing Colonial Williamsburg band. he Rising Star Fife & Drum Band rocked their tiny flutes.

Midway through the event it began to pour. Luckily, unlike last year’s washed out Cross Culture BBQ at Royal American, huge tents protected the party-goers. While racing for cover from the rain, I bumped into Pancito & Lefty chef Robert Berry and professional forager Chris Bennett just as they were opening a bottle of mezcal. Berry said he picked up the bottle while researching his upcoming restaurant in Mexico. A round of shots later, the rain didn’t feel like an issue at all. 

But knowing my limits (quick refresher), I decided to head home shortly thereafter. I should have stayed. Sometime around midnight High Wire became the sight of an afterparty where this happened courtesy of breakdancer K’Otic.