Paul Pavlich and the guys in Godwin Falcon take a unique approach to songwriting. They come up with the song titles first, and then they write the songs. And what inspiring titles they are. We’re talking gems like “Whore Butt,” “Pink Sock,” and the brotastic duo “My Chemical Bromance” and “Bro Big or Bro Home.” But none of them compare to the popped-collar bitch slap that is “Fratitude Adjustment.” That one deserves a Nobel Prize for Fuck Yous.

As for what inspires this Charleston metal band to come up with these singularly silly song titles, the bass-playing Pavlich says, “Some of them are inside jokes,” while others are just something that one of the band members yells out during practice or on stage. It could be singer Brenton St. John, drummer Jonathan Peace, or guitarists Creighton All and Matt Hughes. Hell, it could be Pavlich. When a title sticks, it sticks like a knife in the ribs.

Godwin Falcon has been together for two-and-a-half years, which includes a six-month hiatus when Pavlich left town to work as a writer for a wine website. Sounds good, right? It wasn’t. “They didn’t even let me taste it,” Pavlich says about the wines he wrote about. “This isn’t writing. It’s make believe.” And so he left his job and returned to the Holy City.

These days, the guys in Godwin Falcon are making a name for themselves in Charleston’s under-appreciated metal scene and preparing for the release of their debut EP The Motorcycle Gorilla Dentist. Pavlich says the album, a six-track collection of what the bassist calls “violent” metal songs, should be available as a free download by the end of the year. However, if you really want to get your Godwin Falcon fix, you don’t have to wait: You can find the six songs on the band’s ReverbNation page.

And, boy oh boy, was Pavlich ever correct when he called them “violent.” The lead off track “Whore Butt” is pure old-school thrash but with a schizo spirit that’s somewhere between Korn and Mr. Bungle. Although the riffs change again and again, the mood is always the same — it’s as punishing as reading the amateur-hour prose in Fifty Shades of Grey. And perhaps nothing is more punishing then St. John’s vocals, which sound like a cat being strangled by Ministry’s Al Jourgensen.

Meanwhile “My Chemical Bromance” is a high-speed chase in Walter White’s mobile meth lab, while “Then Came Bronson” kicks off with nearly ballad-like intentions before the music becomes as brutal as the fists of the bare-naked U.K. prison brawler Charles Bronson.

But as quirky and shit-kicking as those songs are, perhaps no other song on the forthcoming The Motorcycle Gorilla Dentist displays Godwin Falcon’s taste for the theatrical as “Bro Big or Bro Home,” a face-melting freak-out featuring a mid-song monologue that’ll leave you laughing if dark humor is your thing. The speaker matter-of-factly says, “At first I was a little concerned, but after we got this whole apocalypse thing over with, it’s not so bad after all. I think I could get used to this.”

Now, if that isn’t to your liking — and we realize it’s not for everybody — then you’ll certainly be bothered by some of the other lyrics, in particular the ones urging folks to, um, “kill your neighbors” and “rape your daughters.” Yeah, not exactly happy-go-lucky stuff.

However, what truly puts this song over the top is the strange turn it takes at the end. For some completely bizarre but completely brilliant reason “Bro Big or Bro Home” transforms into a 1980s-style arena anthem, like say “St. Elmo’s Fire,” if it was a theme song to a snuff film and not a need-to-be-forgotten Brat Pack movie.

Nutty, yeah. Brutal, always. Offensive, well, that depends on the person. But if you are offended, please find it in your heart to forgive the guys in Godwin Falcon. It’s just who they are. “I’m a firm believer that anybody in any band is a douche bag,” Pavlich says, “me included.”