“Who’s been here since…?” was the recurring theme Friday and Saturday night, as act after act of improv comedy took the stage at Theatre 99. It was a marathon of merrymaking for performers and audience alike. While many folks did come and go, just staying for an hour or two to catch a few favorite shows, plenty ran the race in full, pausing only for bathroom breaks, ordering beer/wine, or maybe a bit of chit-chat in the lobby in between performances.

Assorted rogues (for example, Andre Comfort and Derek Humphrey of, well, The Assorted Rogues) were on hand to cheer their fellow T99 comedy groups on as well as to watch out-of-town acts like Elvis Meets Einstein, Village Theatre, and Empty Suits.

Comedy fans filled the seats of the small theater both nights. Final numbers as to how much money was raised for Comedy Fest (this is, after all, the raison d’être for Improv-a-Thon) have not yet been tallied, but Brandy Sullivan and Greg Tavares of Theatre 99 were very happy with the ticket sales and, hey, if they’re happy, we’re happy.

Big finales at the end of both evenings brought performers from each act out on the stage all at once for rock ’em, sock ’em improv riots. While improv comedy by its very nature guarantees something new every time, these grand finales were truly unique talent combos that left everyone in the theater juiced up and ready for more.

So what do you do with all that energy after an evening of improv entertainment? Well, hello, you make something up on the spot. Thus the revelry carried on well after both Friday and Saturday nights as participants and audience alike schlepped on over to Burns Alley for impromptu after-parties.