2348/1244225624-gcbc.jpgThe after-party for Good Cop, Bad Cop at Shine restaurant Thursday night started at 9 p.m. — or so I thought. The hostess seemed perplexed when I arrived at 9:15, but luckily Shine’s owner Dean Johnson swooped in to advise me that the show (Good Cop, Bad Cop) had started an hour late, and that was why most of the party guests hadn’t yet arrived. While we waited, we got to try Shine’s specialty cocktail, “The Business,” which my friend compared to “kind of like drinking perfume … a little bit.” The drink is built around Hendrick’s Gin infused with rose petals and mixed with cucumber, honey, and lime.

Working the slowly-thickening crowd I heard mixed reviews of the show, some SCENEsters didn’t quite get it. One theater-savvy guest, Jamie Lee called it “a satirical play on human interaction.” Guests seemed to appreciate the genius behind portraying women as cats (literally, acting as animals) and pretending to be friends and men as dogs, chasing sticks and their own tails. There was much talk of Spoleto favorites, Addicted to Bad Ideas and Don John (so apparently he really IS a hottie!) and people seemed to love the Punch Brothers. Many socialites seemed a bit burned out (who knows how many nights they’ve been going Spoleto-strong). The band was great and cleverly set up by the back door within a makeshift silver party curtain which doubled as a stage.

I sat down and had a long chat with Liesbeth Gritter and Esther Snelder, the two stars of the show. They explained that their work was designed so that the audience could find the message within the piece for themselves, at their own pace. That being said the two actresses were aware that people either loved their show, or like I said earlier, didn’t quite get it. They did however tell me something I didn’t know: all the dialogue from Good Cop, Bad Cop is actually taken from reality T.V. shows like Temptation Island, America’s Next Top Model, and Big Brother! (Now, that’s funny.) When I explained that to another guest who had been in the audience that same night, she seemed enlightened and frustrated. “I wish they would have told us that before they started the show,” she said. Heads up.

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