I am one man, but I’m keeping the makers of Excedrin flush with cash. After slogging through last night’s dinner at McCrady’s, we headed out to the official “afterparty” at Chas Grill, only to find that Mickey had barred the door — at leaast until the dine around there officially ended. Several luminaries tried to pull markers at the door, but we ended up down at Jim N Nick’s for a beer (thanks John T) and some good natured catching up with friends.

Then it was back to the Grill where an angry mob of people had gathered to try and gain access. What a scene, next time they need a velvet rope and guy with an ear piece. Regardless, the party was rocking when we finally bellied up to the steamed oyster table. Last thing I remember is a guy dressed up as Zorro walking through the door — which I took as a sign to go home, but didn’t. Tonight, I will take my own advice to avoid the morning headache.


Click here for some pics of the afterparty.