While Mitt Romney, Fred Thompson, and Mike Huckabee are fighting tooth and nail for that socially conservative vote, their opponents in the GOP presidential race walked away with two big-name endorsements yesterday. McCain took former candidate Sam Brownback and Giuliani nabbed Christian leader Pat Robertson. Both really come down to who had a real chance to win. But for some in the religious right, much like Sanjaya supporters, it’s not all about winning.

Salon has a piece on the S.C. perspective of the Giuliani endorsement (since the Brownback nod became page eight news after Robertson’s announcement).

A quick canvas of South Carolina political experts produced the tentative conclusion that Robertson’s blessing will only register at the margins, if at all. “The Christian right is always locally autonomous, and they don’t take direction from their presumed leaders. I don’t think this will signal a mass stampede by the evangelicals to Giuliani,” said Danielle Vinson, a political science professor at Furman University.