This is our (often tongue-in-cheek) live blog of the GOP debate in Columbia.

9:30: Gilmore says he’s going to talk about liberals in the GOP primary, but he doesn’t want to name names. Listen Jim, even if Rudy has ties with the mafia (and I’m not saying he does), I’m sure he didn’t bring them with him.

Took a half-hour for this thing to become a circular firing squad.

There are commercials! Commercials! Wow, NBC’s clusterfuck is looking lie a gem. I may not know where the candidates stand immigration, but at least I know that Smart Balance has an award-winning taste preferred by chefs. Gay marriage? I have no idea, but Day’s Inn is great. Abortion? Haven’t got a clue, but Plavix helps keep blood platelets from sticking together.

Back to the fun. Gilmore comes back to his railing against the front runners. Still won’t call out Rudy by name. Looks silly. The moderator forces him to do it. He looks very nervous.

Giuliani is called out on his moderate beliefs. He’s calling out Hillary Clinton, but won’t call her by name. She’s not even there and I know she doesn’t have ties to the mafia.

“I’m going to give you another 30 seconds to answer my question.”

Rudy takes the punch and comes back swinging. “There are ways in which we can work together.” Here’s his answer: Nobody else has a prayer against Clinton.

9:45 p.m.: Remember Regan Reference: 2

Abortion question asked solely to highlight Rudy’s opinion.

Questions come round to immigration. McCain: “What the American people expect us to do is sit down and work out an agreement.” Logic like that is what distances McCain from the base.

McCain and Romney take swipes at each other. McCain wins.

Rudy: “I know more about security than anybody else on this stage.”