This is our (often tongue-in-cheek) live blog of the GOP debate in Columbia.

10 p.m.: They ask Ron Paul the same question about why he’s running for the GOP nomination if he’s against the Iraq war. Did we not hear him the first time or are they trying to pick up the audience that just finished watching House?

Remembering Regan Reference: 3

Rudy takes on Ron Paul’s assertion that America’s foreign policy caused 9-11. To give Paul his due, he tries to explain his situation. Everyone else sees that Rudy got a bump from the exchange and want their shot. No time. Maybe during the next commercial break.

Confederate flag question for McCain. Says that everyone thinks it’s reasonable where it is. “I think it’s time we all move on on this issue.” That’s a crowd pleaser.

Tancredo doesn’t believe we’re responsible for global warming. He tries to get his comment in on Ron Paul’s comment. Sorry Tom, we’re going to another commercial break.

AARP is recruiting children. What? The baby boomers aren’t enough? Double Tree is calm – cool – relaxed. E-loan is radically simple. Shaun Hannity is handing out the number to vote for the debate winner. He’s the Ryan Seacrest of the debate.

10:15 p.m.

“The questions in this round will be based on a fictional, though we believe plausible terrorist situation.” Oh boy, it’s like an episode of 24.

McCain’s asked if he would torture prisoners. Says no to torture. “It’s not about them, it’s about us as a nation.” Again with the sensible answers.

Giuliani gets the same question. He says go ahead and torture the mo-fos. “I don’t want to see another 3,000 people dead.”

Romney gets the same question and he flips it to prevention.

Now they’re assuming that these terrorists came form a West African country that supported them. Tommy Thompson says take ’em out.

The answers are getting about as worthless as the question.

Back to McCain. Yes, lets ask the man who knows about torture and war.

Back to the 24 plot. Jim Gilmore has to remind everyone that the Pentagon is in Virginia.

Tom Tancredo reads my mind: “I’m looking for Jack Bauer.” That’s creepy.

Moderator: What does it say that you’re all a bunch of old white guys? Gilmore can’t answer the question and instead takes one more blow at the other old white guys.

Duncan Hunter says that China is arming itself for war against America. For those not keeping up: that’s Turkey, then Saudi Arabia, a fictional West African terrorist faction, and China. Busy, busy, busy.