Dawn was a young woman here in Charleston who was diagnosed with leukemia last March. For several months, she chronicled her fight with the disease on a blog called GoshDawnIt! Last Thursday, she lost the battle.

Beyond the recent daily reports from the ICU (complete with pictures and charts showing what she was going through), there are pictures of helpful nurses and her faithful dog. There are a few shots from Christmas and Thanksgiving. There are calls for blood donations and for people to join the bone marrow registry. In the early days, there were stories about Dawn’s fight for normalcy and her early struggle to understand what was wrong.

Just days after finding out she was going through this, Dawn got online to share her struggle with the world. Her work is done, but she’s still telling her story. Dawn will keep telling it to so many who need the help and even more who are moved to help in their own way.

Thanks Steph for pointing me to the blog.