Mount Pleasant rapper Gotti da Ghost released his latest single, “Survive,” Aug 14. Fans will find that it’s a different style than material seen on his 2020 album The Awakening. The newest tune is based around a relaxed soul beat, providing a playground for the rapper’s heady lyrics about the moment we’re in.

“I threw a prayer in the air for all my fallen soldiers/ one for George and one for Breonna Taylor/ it’s all too familiar, whole system’s a failure/ look on the news and it’s just another homicide,” he raps.

Like many Charleston area rappers, Gotti keeps the message local, as well. “I’m from the home of Angel Oak and rebel flags/ so true freedom is something my people never had,” he continues.

The single, according to Gotti, isn’t promoting an album but does have an important message for the artist. “I just felt compelled to write something positive to reflect the times we’re in,” he told the City Paper.

While times are heavy and the song content openly confronts racism in the nation and locally, Gotti makes sure to give word to what he is thankful for.

“I’ve been getting a lot of love since the album dropped/ you know you’re famous when your name up in the barber shop/ and they reciting every verse you write/ Cash App ringing ‘cus they cop the merchandise,” he raps.

In 2020, Gotti released his album The Awakening, which has accumulated 2,000 listens across streaming platforms. The album features a harder sound than “Survive,” influenced just as much by modern hip-hop as it was by the soul-sampling bangers of Southern rap artists from the ’90s.

The Awakening‘s lyrical content runs the gamut from braggadocious tunes to songs about church on Sunday morning. Fans of “Survive” can easily find plenty more to love on his last release.