[image-1]Former La Fourchette owner Perig Goulet opened his new restaurant, Goulette, this weekend and thanks to some shadowy detective work, we have the menus.

As Goulet told us, Goulette is a departure from his French peasant food past. In exchange for cassoulet, the Brittany native has opted for a casual, not-entirely-French menu. On the starter front, he’s keeping things simple with a slate of salads and soups he learned from his mother. La Fourchette fans will be happy to see the Nicoise Salad is back, but don’t expect to find the chef/owner’s beloved haché parmentier.

The entree menu is decidedly grill heavy. There’s grilled hanger steak, grilled mergeuz lamb sausage, grilled shrimp in addition to a grilled shrimp salad. And, as promised, Goulet has put a pulled pork sandwich on the menu. We questioned that choice at first, but according to Eater, Goulet has brought back his La Fourchette chef, Kyle Yarbrough, who most recently opened Cumberland St. Smokehouse, so maybe he gave the French chef some barbecue pointers.

Goulette is open for dinner beginning at 5 p.m.