[image-1]Over the weekend, like it was no big deal, Gov. Henry McMaster posted on Twitter that his family has acquired a new puppy. But not just any puppy, a wrinkled, white, bulldog pup named Mac.

Mac is 11 weeks old, McMaster says, and is named for First Lady Peggy McAbee McMaster’s father. The first family’s familiar bulldog Boots died in early March, and the governor says that Mac “is filling the big hole in our heart” left by Boots’ passing.

The governor is never one to hide from the press, but aside from campaigning against a gas tax increase, he’s stayed mostly behind the scenes since taking over when Nikki Haley left S.C. to join the Trump administration. In Mac’s intro video, though, we see a new side of the governor; he’s obviously already smitten with the new addition to the family.

“He is a great little pup… Prettiest little dog in the whole wide world.”