Gov. Henry McMaster may not appreciate this state’s need for road improvements, but by God he can get behind the importance of a good cocktail at a baseball game. Last Thursday McMaster signed S.334, a bill to allow the sale of alcoholic liquors at certain baseball complexes including Joseph P. Riley, Jr. Park.

So what could this mean for your ballgame experience? Well, if The Joe takes advantage of it, as Dave Echols, President of the RiverDogs told us they probably would, as early as next season you might be able to order any manner of Hard A drinks while watching the ‘Dogs.

“I think it’s something we’d take a real strong look at,” Echols told CP earlier this month. “To be able to serve a Firefly drink that’s homegrown that has appeal to everybody. It wouldn’t be a situation where you’d go to every concession stand and get a liquor drink. We’d do a strategic point of sale placement.”

Given the RiverDogs’ yen for creative eats, the opportunity to play with cocktails seems like a no-brainer. We’re thinking a Singapore Swing & A Miss, a Crack(er Jack) and Coke, or an Alabama Grand Slammer to start.