You’ve likely heard the news from that kid selling papers on the corner for a nickel, but the Clemson Tigers won the national championship last night. If this were an old-timey movie and we were catching you up, here’s where you’d see headlines spinning toward the camera with a trumpet fanfare and the voice of a trusted old white guy probably wearing glasses.

But in lieu of that, here’s a look at the ink spilled to commemorate the Tigers’ heckuva win last night, courtesy of the Newseum:

Post and Courier

Succinct, tasteful. Got the two most important guys in the shot. Grade: A

Greenville News

Full page shot of Deshaun. Shiny gold trophy. Fingerprints, though. Grade: B


The State

Mas Dabo, also other smiling faces. Trolling hometown Gamecocks who went to bed early. Grade: A- mostly for the shade.


Spartanburg Herald-Journal

Seeing the big picture here. Probably gets ink all over your fingers. Grade: A-


Anderson Independent-Mail

“Roll Tigers.” See what they did there? Grade: B-


Florence Morning News

Pee Dee fans are vicious, man. Lotta words on the photo here, but credit for the fan service headline. Source: B-


Turning our eyes to the Yellowhammer State…

Anniston Star

Can’t fault them for honesty or their sick rhymes. Grade: C+ (half a letter for the kid’s drawing in the corner.)


Montgomery Advertiser

Woof. Tough crowd. Poor logo. Poor #54. Grade: A+


The Tuscaloosa News

Our friend #54 again. I just feel like there’s more that could have been done here for the college town paper. Ink fingers again. Grade: B-


Honorable Mention…

Gainesville Times

Clearly Photoshopped. Christian Wilkins (#42) is 6’4″, 310. No way he can jump that high. Fake news. Grade: A+