I know what you’re thinking — Lindsey Graham was a contender?!

With their chances for continued employment looking even worse than that baby in the etrade ads, the presidential pollsters at Gallup asked Republican and lean Republican voters who they wanted to be the party leader in 2012.

While it should be noted that President-elect Barack Obama wasn’t looking like the winner four years ago, the results are interesting. Instead of letting the person name their favorite, Gallup presented a list of 10 names. Surprisingly, Joe Liberman is not on the list (sorry, Sean Hannity).

But Lindsey Graham is on the list and, though we’re certain he wasn’t planning on running anyway, it’s nice to know his chances.


When 53 percent of your party says they don’t want you to run for president, you might have a problem speaking to the base. Hell, there’s more support for a Jeb Bush presidency than for Graham.