The Post Office is legally obligated to deliver mail to your address even if your name is not on the item mailed. If you do not want the mail, simply write “NATA” (not at this address) on it, and place it in your mailbox. Polite little messages on your box will not do the trick, no matter how grammatically correct they are.
Dear Taxi Driver Who Does Not Like To Have Headlights Flashed At Him/Her,
If you are the person I remember, I was flashing my headlights at you because you had your turn signal on, and I was attempting to let you know that I was willing to let you cut in front of me by flashing my headlights at you. That is the polite way to do it in the nighttime when a simple wave or polite hand gesture will not do the trick due to lighting issues.
With Love. I say all of this with love.

-Why am I smarter than everyone else around here?