The Donnelly Foundation in the past provided funding to Addlestone Library | Provided

Applications for the Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelly Foundation’s Broadening Narratives grant will be available Feb. 1-Mar. 26 online. Grants will be provided to organizations that have collections illustrating LGBTQ, BIPOC perspectives and other underrepresented narratives.

The limits of the collections is relatively open. According to spokesperson Erin Spencer, organizations that collect art, artifacts, letters, photographs, manuscripts and more from underrepresented groups may be considered for the grant.

In previous years, the Donnelly Foundation helped fund the Addlestone Library’s collection of oral histories from LGBTQ Lowcountry citizens.

The foundation has accrued $750,000 in grant money for libraries, museums and other collection organizations to bring forward new or recovered narratives in Chicago and the South Carolina Lowcountry. Organizations may apply if collections are a significant part of its mission.