The Green Heart Project, a program started by REV Foods’ Karalee Nielsen, is hosting its Spring Harvest Dinner tonight at Mitchell Elementary School (2 Perry St.) from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The Green Heart Project is committed to teaching children math and science concepts, along with character building, through hands-on urban gardening while addressing the food desert issues in the community.

The dinner will celebrate the expansion of the new farm at Mitchell Elementary School and another successful growing season with the Green Heart Buddies. Patrons will dine along the gardens during the community-cookout complete with barbecue and local produce provided by Limehouse and the Green Heart Garden.

Garden tours and performances will be given by students, t-shirts and merchandise will be for sale with all proceeds going back to help fund the Green Heart Project, and tickets are $5 and can be bought in advance by contacting the director, Drew Harrison, at