Just like the living-in-his-parents’-basement geek has his funny books and the bored bon-bon-eating, banging-your brother-and-diddling-his-best-friend housewife has her stories, gear heads have their own brand of soap opera — Nascar.

That’s the appeal, right? Racer X don’t like him Racer Y because they once looked at each other funny and Racer Z, well, he just done hate on everybody. Let’s crash.

And apparently, nobody likes Nascar better than our neighbors to the north in Greenville. 

According to a recent Greenville News report, the Greenville market is the most Nascar-loving market around.

Despite losing 48 laps to rain, this year’s race televised by Fox averaged a 9.2/19 rating/share with an audience of 16 million viewers with Greenville the largest local market.

Ratings were off this year and Fox attributes the slip to the rain. The race earned a 10.2/10 rating/share in 2008 averaging 17.8 million viewers, up one percent from 2007.

For the third straight year, Fox said, Greenville was No. 1 with a 21.2/33 rating/share, followed by Greensboro, N.C., Daytona, Indianapolis, Knoxville, Charlotte, Orlando, Nashville, Tampa and Jacksonville.