Saturday night’s Guerrilla Cuisine Flavor Trippin’ event was quite the psychedelic experience. The party was only open to 50 people on a first-come basis, but the evening’s harsh rains further diminished the crowd that assembled at a West Ashley abode. Chef jimihatt handed out miracle fruit tablets for $5 a pop, and guests waited until their taste buds began to disregard flavors like bitter and sour. When the effects kicked in, folks pranced among the various tables tasting fruits, vegetables, tequila, and beer. The lemons tasted like you had just bitten into a glass of lemonade. The limes, like a piece of candy. And the grapefruit, that most sour and pucker-inducing of all the citrus fruits, tasted sweeter and less acidic than it was ever meant to. As the effects wore off, people quickly pulled wrinkled five-spots out of their pockets to keep the party in their mouths raging. It certainly isn’t the first time that jimihatt has introduced new flavors to Charleston, and it probably won’t be the last.