It’s a foodie love story. Jimihatt, the fearless leader of Guerrilla Cuisine, tied the knot on Sunday afternoon with food writer and art gallery owner Angel Powell. The setting was Poplar Grove, where jimihatt has hosted a couple of his underground dinners, and the guests were a mix of family, friends, foodies, and chefs.

The two met because Powell pretty much demanded an interview for a piece she wanted to write for Preview.

“I didn’t do an interview for about a year,” says jimihatt. “I wanted to have a mystique, and I just wanted to have dinners and donate money and be OK with myself. She was pretty persistent. I don’t know if you believe in love at first sight, but it was a good damn interview. That’s our story.”

That story began in January. Less than a year later they are newlyweds.

“To be married this weekend is crazy,” he told us on Friday before the wedding, the day the couple closed on a new house. “There is definitely a lot of work going into it. People coming from New York, Dubai, Texas, DC, California. It’s insane. Ten local chefs will be there hanging out. The food itself for the wedding is pulled pork and roasted oysters, so it’s definitely foodie friendly. We’ll probably have a collaboration of three bands playing. We get married right at sunset at the water on Poplar Grove. I think that we’re having fun and living right.”

As if the wedding wasn’t enough to plan, jimihatt has been hard at work putting together the second anniversary celebration of Guerrilla Cuisine. On Sunday, Fat Hen Chef Fred Neuville will take the helm for a big throwdown. The event is technically sold out, but we have it on good authority that more tickets might be released over the next day or two.

But despite the hard work, jimihatt is in a pretty good place. “I like doing what I do, and I don’t want anything to happen to it. If I make half what I make and Guerrilla is still doing well… It’s not about my paycheck, it’s about having fun and showcasing chefs.”

On the horizon, jimihatt is planning the next Spam Jam, writing a cookbook, talking to chefs like Nathan Thurston of the Ocean Room and Jacques Larson of Wild Olive about their upcoming dinners, and conjuring up crazy ideas for future events, like dinner in bed for Valentine’s Day.

Oh, yeah, and he’ll be taking his new bride to Sonoma and Napa in the New Year for an appropriately food-oriented honeymoon.