[image-1]Demonstrating good sportsmanship, Back Door Slam singer/guitarist Davey Knowles stayed on the phone with City Paper long enough during a recent interview to play a quick game of “name/word association.” The band played at the Music Farm and at Monster Music & Movies last weekend. In an effort to illustrate how some of his deep musical influences, we stated 20 famous guitarists name and he blurted out the first thing that popped into his mind and mouth. It went something like this:

Jeff Beck: “Superstitious.”

The Edge: “Delay.”

Robin Trower: “The Bridge of Sighs!”

Neil Young: “Big black Les Paul guitar.”

Magic Sam: “Oh, and West Side Soul … that album is awesome.”

Mike Campbell: “Oh, um, ‘Breakdown’ … great song.”

Eddie Phillips*: “I’ve no idea.”

Dave Davies: “Of the kinks? Yeah…”

Dick Dale: “Aw, the surf guitar king!”

Kurt Cobain: “Fender Mustang guitar … kinda melancholy.”

Bo Diddley: “Square guitar.”

J Mascis: “Inventive.”

Dave Edmunds: “Um, his last name is my middle name!”

Robert Fripp: “Oh, King Crimson.”

Paul Rodgers: “Great voice. He’s a legend. I absolutely love Paul Rodgers.”

Brian May: “Big hair!”

Paul Weller: “Aahhh … Style Council, I’d say. And The Jam.”

Tony Iommi: “Oh, he got his fingers caught off in machinery and had to get prosthetic fingers. Crazy.”

Paul Stanley: “Make-up.”

Nigel Tufnel: “Comedy legend. Fantastic. It never gets old.”

*(Eddie Phillips plays guitar with the British mod/psychedelic band The Creation in the mid-’60s — he was the first to use a violin bow on the electric guitar, years before Page did it!).