Whether it’s wearing a jacket and slack combo that doesn’t match to his inauguration or bringing a pair of pooping piglets to the Statehouse, Mark Sanford marches to the beat of his own drum machine. Last week, Sanford announced that despite what Dorchester County GOP chair Arthur Bryngelson wants, the good guv was going to appoint rumored Democrat, Brenda Nix, to the Dorchester County auditor post vacated by Johnette Connelly. And good for him. It was the right call. Only a partisan lockstepping grandstander would demand that political allegiance must play a role in a person’s resume.

Today, the P&C prints a column explaining his actions. (At the moment I can’t find an online link to the article, but as soon as I get it I will link it.)

Sanford opens with a rather self-aware admission:

In any appointment I make, it seems you make some happy, others less happy — and on occasion still others mad. (And I’m looking at you, Arthur Bryngelson. Oh and you too, Glenn McConnell.)

OK. I added that bit in italics. Sanford didn’t say it. (He may have meant that sort of thing, but he didn’t write it down…well, at least in the final draft.)

In explaining where Bryngelson got it wrong and Sanford got it right, the governor says:

The auditor of each county provides a mechanical but important function in taking the millage rate that the County Council decides and the assessed value of property in the county, as decided by the assessor’s office, and then combining these two things to create a county tax bill.

Yeah. Exciting stuff. A real powerful post where Nix could engage in all sorts of partisan shenanigans. Not! (Damn. I can’t believe I just did that. “Not” is so 1987. Man, I’m lame.)

By the end of the commentary, Sanford sends a message out to you and me and, well, Arthur Bryngelson too:

I hope that no lasting slight will be taken by my action. If you have any questions on this, please feel to give me a call at 803-734-2100.

Did you hear that, Art. Mark ain’t mad at you, and he doesn’t want you to be mad at him. He’s reaching out to you, buddy. Reach on back.

Mark and Arthur BFF. LOL.