Gov. Nikki Haley released a report card grading state legislators on their adherence to her policy platform Monday, prompting the South Carolina Democratic Party to issue its own report card on the governor’s performance.

Haley graded lawmakers on whether or not they supported her budget vetoes and voted in favor of five bills that she favored, including bills requiring on-the-record votes and allowing the Department of Health and Human Services to negotiate Medicaid costs with healthcare providers. As reported in other media outlets, all 37 F’s went to Democrats.

In a cover letter explaining the report card, Haley wrote, “This is not personal. This is not partisan. This is good government.”

Today, Democrats issued a slightly less detailed report card giving Haley four F’s (in Jobs, Honesty, Government Reform, and Transparency) and one A+ (in Hypocrisy & Pay-to-Play Politics). They cited, among other things, misleading the public on job creation, voting to allow agencies to run deficits, and holding secret meetings.

Here’s how Charleston-area legislators fared in Haley’s report card.

The Republicans:

• Sen. Chip Campsen: B

• Sen. Glenn McConnell: D

• Rep. Bill Crosby: A

• Rep. Bobby Harrell: A

• Rep. Chip Limehouse: A

• Rep. Peter McCoy: A

• Rep. Mike Sottile: A

The Democrats:

• Sen. Robert Ford: F

• Rep. Robert Brown: F

• Rep. Wendell Gilliard: F

• Rep. David Mack: F

• Rep. Leon Stavrinakis: C

• Rep. Seth Whipper: F