Anyone who professes to believe in the mystical powers of crystals is either a gullible rube, a con artist, or batshit insane. The same goes for folks who believe in pyramid power, The Secret, and all manner of new agey hooey.

I don’t know which one Nikki Haley’s sister, Simran Signh, is. Maybe she’s all three.

Singh is a self-proclaimed new age “visionary” who operates a new age empire. And this little empire includes a nationally distributed new age mag, 11:11, an online radio show, and, most important of all, a new age center in Lexington.

Now, I’m not exactly the sanest guy around, but I’d be willing to bet that the Bible-beaters in the Upstate — the area of South Carolina that pushed Haley ahead of her Democratic opponent Vincent Sheheen on election night — wouldn’t have taken this little revelation all that well. In fact, I just can’t see the Bob Jones crowd pulling the lever for Haley knowing that her sister believes that the numerical sign 11:11 guides her.

Confused? Here’s what Singh had to say about the effect of 11:11 on her life:

The one simple piece that I had that I had grasped from childhood was that I constantly had a dialogue with the universe. And my dialogue was always in numbers. And I would always see 11, 1 11 or 11 11, and that was kind of my game, my little dialogue that I would speak back and forth. So whenever I had a question and needed confirmation about something, I would speak it out loud, and then, all of a sudden, I would start seeing the numbers. And if I didn’t see the numbers, I knew that was not a step I was not supposed to take. I’m not all that special in that I see this language and others don’t. People all over the world are seeing 11:11 or 20:2 or 30:3 or 4:44. Or whatever variety of numbers that they consistently see. And those mean something. They really are intended to be that language from the universe. that we each can have if we allow ourself to pay attention.

Yeah. I doubt the redmeaters in the Greenville-Spartanburg knew about that. Call it a feeling.

That said, Simran is clearly pleased about her sister’s Election Day victory. In fact, she posted a blog entry about it on Wednesday. It’s surprisingly heartwarming and nearly void of any new agey bullshit.

Here’s a taste:

My parents were trying to rent a home in Bamberg and the same physician so kindly tried to help. He found a wonderful small home and we moved in. That night he returned to take back the keys as the owners did not want an Indian family renting their home. He found us a second home and we moved. The next night he was back. Once again we were being evicted because of our brown skin. He finally found a third home for us. It was owned by the mill. We would be allowed to live there on three conditions: 1- We had to buy the house and sell it back to the mill when we moved., 2 — We were not allowed to have any alcohol on the premises. 3 — We were not allowed to have people of color at our home. We moved in that evening.