[image-1] If you’ve always wanted to know what a Colonial-era loaf of bread tasted like, Justin Cherry has got you covered. The Husk sous chef is bringing his Half Crown Bakehouse Colonial Rice loaves to Stems & Skins on Sat. April 7.
[content-1] As we wrote in February, Half Crown Bakehouse is Cherry’s historically accurate 18th century clay oven pop-up. Cherry had it custom built as a way to get closer to the foodways of America’s past. And along with setting up at Revolutionary War and French Indian War reenactments, Cherry is determined to give Charlestonians a taste of ancient grains as well with pop-ups at local restaurants.

During Charleston Wine + Food, Cherry collaborated with La Morra Pizza at Lewis Barbecue. Now he’s joining forces with Stems & Skins in Park Circle to serve a menu of Charleston Pepper Pot soup with rice bread, Best Cake with Caribbean molasses, Indian Slapjacks — which research says is kind of like a crepe made from cornmeal — and rice waffles prepared with Cherry’s 270-year-old waffle iron.

The event runs from 6-10 p.m.