[image-1]It’s Friday the 13th y’all. Cue scary movie soundtracks and things that go bump in the night, because this superstitious CP writer can tell you firsthand that around here (our office is located in old church, FYI), we don’t take Halloween lightly. Does a certain colleague of mine have a Halloween-themed movie plot detailed on an obscure website somewhere on the dark web? Maybe, maybe yes. Regardless, we have just over two weeks to pick out this year’s costume(s) and the clock is ticking. Here’s where to find threads in the Holy City.

First stop: Hokus Pokus. Go there today. Seriously, the West Ashley costume store is offering 13 percent off costumes in honor of today’s kind-of-holiday. Just mention their CP ad and boom, you’ve got a discounted clown mask (you are going as Mr. Mercedes, right?) Even if you miss today’s deal, Hokus Pokus is a one stop shop for face paint, accessories, full costumes, and even party treats, so head here if you want to go all out.

For a smaller, but still admirable, selection of Halloween costumes, check out Mt. Pleasant’s Party Plan-It. We’ve snagged tiny mice from there (pizza rat of Halloween ’15 will never die), as well as swords, wigs, and basic face paint. And hey, if you are in fact, planning a Halloween party, there are decorations and delights galore.

There are few things we love as much as pop-up Halloween stores in strip malls. Seriously. You can check out several in the area through the end of this month — Halloween Express  is open in Mt. Pleasant, North Charleston, and Summerville (1825 Old Trolley Road).

As always, local thrift and consignment stores are great spots to shop (in general — deals, y’all) for this year’s Cersei or Jon Snow gear. Check out our College Student Guide roundup of places to shop on the cheap for a full list of local spots.

Several years ago former CP editor Chris Haire offered a helpful roundup of sexy Halloween costumes — 46 to be exact — that shouldn’t be. While we suggest you heed his advice, if you’re deadset on being a sexy fill-in-the-blank you’d do well to peruse the goods at Chateau Exxxperience, Guilty Pleasures, or Badd Kitty.

And if you’re more of a vintage guy or gal, be sure to hit up all the local vintage vendors in town. You can snag some $5 items today from Red Rose Vintage and Tuff Stuff Vintage at AAA Storage downtown from 12-4 p.m.