[image-1]We are T-minus 11 days away from Halloween, but let’s be real. We’re mere days away from “Halloweek,” a Charleston tradition that’s as iconic as horse-drawn carriages and (sometimes) just as messy. And that means you need a costume, pronto. Here’s our preview of what’s going to be big on the sidewalks this year and where to snag all your supplies.

Where to Get Stuff

If vintage is your thing, check out the Trunk Show on Meeting. It can be pricey, but you’ll be getting special pieces no one else has. 

You can also order great pieces online from Cavortress, another vintage store that may hold the key to the best Halloween costume ever. 

City Paper’s Kelly Rae Smith is the brains behind Runaround Sue, an adorable Etsy shop, and an affordable option for dynamite vintage duds.

If you’re looking for a big box costume shop — and let’s be real, they have the best wigs around — check out Halloween Express in Mt. Pleasant or North Charleston, or North Chuck’s Spirit Halloween.

And don’t forget about Hokus Pokus, the reigning champions of local costume shops. They have a huge selection, they’re open year-round, and they do rentals.

In the words of lyrical genius Justin Timberlake, “Get your sexy on.” Halloween parties are kind of like career fairs but with less clothing. If you’re looking to outdo everyone with a sexy *insert job here* this year, check out Chateau Exxxperience on Dorchester Road.

Points for originality: Maybe you’ve already got the perfect idea for a one-of-a-kind costume, and you just need to gather the parts. You can’t go wrong with a good ol’ Goodwill spree. This year Palmetto Goodwill has even launched some Halloween Bootiques, stores outfitted with additional Halloween costumes and accessories. Those Charleston area locations can be found here.

Goodwill stores aren’t the only places with cheap price tags. Peep our roundup from this past year’s College Student Guide.

Trending in 2016

While we think everyone should take the high road and be the cast of Stranger Things — did that show not teach like a thousand valuable life lessons? Sorry Barb … but we loved binging Netflix’s surprisingly good, creepy YA show. If you’re more into what’s trending on Facebook, mayhaps you’d be into one of these costumes:

Harambe: Harambe in life, Harambe memorialized in death, Harambe everywhere. We don’t understand why this slain simian has become such an Internet icon, but there’s no doubt that you’ll be seeing a lot of gorilla suits on Halloween night.

Donald Trump: It’s the low hanging fruit. Need we say more? On that note, also Hillary Clinton — it’s just too easy. Suit up and prepare to swerve on the haters all night long.

Clowns: If you pick this costume, you’re asking for trouble. Not kidding, these random clown sightings have been the creepiest thing in a year of creepy things.