Big news Charleston — Afro-Cuban artist Roberto Diago, whose exhibit, La Historia Recordada is currently on display at the Halsey, is headed to the United States later this month. Getting Diago here from Cuba was no easy feat, so if you have the chance to come see or speak with the artist (political science professor Mark Long will assist with translating), you definitely should.

Diago will be creating a new installation when he’s in town, The Initials of the Earth, comprised of metal buckets, water, cartons, and canvas. He’ll be working in the gallery, and viewers are invited to witness him at work each day, some time during 11 a.m.-4 p.m., March 1-3. In addition to creating The Initials of the Earth, Diago will give a gallery talk and visit College of Charleston classrooms.

City Paper interviewed Diago last month — via translated emails — before the opening of La Historia Recordada, “I love contributing and influencing children and youth so that they have an experience with art. That is why I work in communities, because it enriches me, and they learn something new in a fun way. I am doing as my own teachers [did]: Providing light where there is shade.”