Harvest Moon was the theme of the evening at the Halsey Institute’s member appreciation party Friday night. Hay bales and autumn squash were scattered throughout the gallery, and some attendees sported cowboy boots and hats, and even the occasional pair of overalls, in keeping with the theme. Sully Sullivan photographed members posing with the paper moon made so popular at previous year’s events.

One thing was quickly noticed: Halsey members are quite the natty dressers, sporting all number of hats and headwear.―I even spotted an orange-dyed mink neckpiece on a certain fashionable fellow. More impressive than the attendees’ outfits was the variety of ages represented with members. Student members stood elbow-to-elbow with prominent individuals of Charleston’s creative community.

Sustainability was a sub-theme of Harvest Moon; members showed their support for the green movement by liberally partaking of the organic wine and beer and tasty treats. The Halsey Institute is currently exhibiting Chris Jordan’s exhibit, Running the Numbers: An American Self-Portrait, a commentary on American consumption. One particular piece, when viewed from a distance, looks like an interpretation of Van Gogh’s painting of a skeleton smoking a cigarette. Upon closer inspection, the piece is seen as a mosaic of 200,000 packs of cigarettes, with each pack representing an American who dies every six months from smoking.

Despite the serious matter of the art, it sparked lively discussions, and all of the guests seemed to enjoy their time under the Harvest Moon.