Hanahan resident Josh Weston, a blacksmith with historically-inspired and hand-forged weaponry, appears on The History Channel’s show, Forged in Fire, tonight at 10 p.m. 

Weston, who has started selling his goods at the City Market’s night market, is more than just a blacksmith. He’s also an illustrator, graphic/web designer, and dabbler in 3D design. Learn more about him on his website. 

Forged in Fire is in its second season, pitting what it describes as “highly-skilled bladed weapon makers” against one another in challenges. One of the second season’s challenges asks competitors to source all of their weapon metal from the wreck of a car. 

Join the fun with a viewing party at LG’s by the Creek (1005 Tanner Ford Blvd.), with Don Merckle and the Blacksmiths kicking off the fun at 9 p.m.