Percussionist/guitarist Michael Hanf spent several years performing and recording music with friends and colleagues in Charleston before relocating to New York City in 2010, but he recently struck up a new collaboration with singer/guitarist Lindsay Holler, an old bandmate from the Western Polaroids. Hanf will be handling guitar, vibraphone, and vocals.

“The project has been a pretty long-distance affair,” Holler says. “We’ve been writing songs and recording demos. Hopefully, by early 2012, we’ll be able to get some proper recording done. I’m really excited about the project.”

Holler and Hanf performed at the Tin Roof last week with backing from Stuart White, a drummer with whom Hanf played in the Pulse Trio. Holler and a new cast of Polaroids perform at the Tin Roof on Tues. Dec. 6. Hanf returns with a new set of original tunes for a solo gig at the Tin Roof on Thurs. Dec. 22.