[image-1] If Quiet’s name isn’t the definition of irony, we don’t know what is. On their debut EP, titled EP, the hardcore four-piece punches their way through a set of thrashers and experimental production pieces.

After the atmospheric opener “I Am You,” Quiet lets the aggression do the talking on “Planet Shit.” The track (and the rest of the album) is about speed, force, and little touches that reward repeat listens. Moments, like the spooky detuned choir singing a patriotic song on “Paranoia,” don’t last long, but they stick with the listener after the album’s over.

“For years, I was trying to do really technical music and never got anywhere with it, mostly because I was comparing it to stuff that I wanted to emulate,” says guitarist Gage Ballenger. “Quiet is a product of me basically letting loose and just playing what felt natural.”

The album was more organic, according to Ballenger, than some previous songwriting efforts and it shows. Some technical hardcore and metal has the tendency to be too thought out, but Quiet keeps it straightforward and goes for the neck. The songs tap into the heart and offer all the catharsis we need right now.