In other commentary news, a guest editorial in Sunday’s The State newspaper from S.C. House Speaker Bobby Harrell (R-Charleston) really gives Gov. Mark Sanford a tongue lashing for his continued refusal of more than $700 million in federal stimulus money.

Harrell says South Carolina’s kids will be burdened with paying back this debt regardless of whether it’s propping up crumbling schools in Dillon or providing bottled water for preppy scum in New York (yes, we’ve seen Gossip Girl).

To make his point, the Speaker goes all the way back to the Old World reference of letting the starving common folk eat cake when the bread runs out, a line often attributed to Marie Antoinette.

Personally, we’d have gone with the metaphor of a teenager (Joe Taxpayer) calling his parents for help because his friends (the S.C. legislature) are drunk (broke) and he doesn’t have a ride home (a job). Would the governor tell the kid that he’s recklessly picked the wrong friends and should just try to find his own way home?

But, hey, a cake reference works for us (makes us hungry).