Fowler (right) with Harrison | Photo via Jaime Harrison

Editor’s Note:  2020 Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison posted the following thoughts on Facebook soon after the Tuesday death of Don Fowler, the Columbia politico who chaired the state and national Democratic parties and served as a mentor for hundreds of people in politics.

We have just learned that Don Fowler, a titan in politics, has passed. 

Words can’t express how much I loved and admired Don Fowler. If there was a logo of a Democrat, it would be Don. Next year was going to be his 50th year as a Democratic National Committee (DNC) member. 

Don was DNC chair, South Carolina Democratic Party (SCDP) chair and president of Young Democrats. There will never be another Don Fowler. 

My first memory of Don was when I was an intern for U.S. Rep. Jim Clyburn, D-S.C. Don was the DNC chair and we had just gotten a huge delivery of peaches from South Carolina. Don asked me to deliver peaches across Washington, S.C., and my last stop was the prize — the White House. I was overjoyed and so appreciative of Don.

Since that moment, every major step I’ve taken in Democratic politics, Don has been there to guide and mentor me. From SCDP Chair to my races for DNC Chair to U.S. Senate, Don has been in my corner. I even taught his class with my friend and former S.C. Republican Party Chair Matt Moore.

Don and [his wife] Carol Fowler are beloved across the nation. Let’s share our love for Don with Carol Fowler and Donnie Fowler. Hold them up in prayer. 

Don was an icon. He served the nation well in the military and continued his service in politics. I will miss my friend Dr. Don Fowler!