Halloween is not for adults.I suspect that the death of my brother while trying to drive and text, stone drunk, on a Friday Night in 2008 dressed up like something the coroners could not identify to me will garner little sympathy- but it ain’t him I’m ranting for. Traffic fatalities go up astronomically when Halloween happens on a weekend and this year we have got a three dog night .And your Lady Ga-Ga costumes will probably fit you awkwardly or if you are Jack Sparrow you’ll have a patch over one eye which won’t help your navigational skills not-at-all.More than 50 million people will be wearing cheap polyester and trying to be cool while inebriated meanwhile 37 million kids 5-13 will be collecting candy and hopefully not getting plowed by fake Rock Stars and counterfeit pirates.DO YOU HAVE TO DRIVE ? I work Part-Time for a company that among other things hires out Designated Drivers. They are dropping their price 15% for the weekend and increasing the force. You might think about that. I wish they had been around for my brother.But I will be around for you.