Video Poker. Folks sitting in the back of the convenience store with a tall boy, two pickled eggs, and an ashtray full of concentration, while they spend their hard-earned paychecks on barely legal blackjack. Good times.

Which brings us to a recent police raid on a restaurant in Hanahan. Here’s the P&C report.

And here’s the funny:

Armed with a search warrant, investigators scoured the low-slung, brick restaurant and its adjoining property for gambling machines. Deputies had a box truck ready to cart off the seized booty. Yellow police tape stretched across the parking lot to keep people out while the officers worked.

That didn’t stop regulars from showing up and expecting some chow, seemingly oblivious to the masked police officers milling about with bolt cutters and sledge hammers. One customer ducked under the police tape and pulled on the door, trying to get inside. Another eased his car up to the yellow tape and became indignant when officers told him he couldn’t go in. “What?” he said with a frown. “I eat here all the time.”

No one seemed particularly surprised to learn authorities were searching Pappy’s for gaming machines. Several regulars said the machines had been there for years and were common knowledge.

“Oh yeah, I seen ’em in there,” one man said, shaking his head. “Hmm. Now what am I gonna do about lunch?”