Moral Fixation

Thurs., Jan. 17, 9 p.m.; $8; Theatre 99;

Take two close friends — both trained actors and gifted improvisors — who regularly share deep conversations. Now put them on stage at an improv show and let ’em at it.

That’s Moral Fixation in a nutshell.

Greg Tavares (of Theatre 99) and Lee Lewis (whose alter-ego is a psychiatrist at MUSC) have been doing the act for four years now. The long-form show is inspired by a word from the audience, something that means something to somebody, whether it be “patriotism” or “He-Man” (one of their more successful shows, according to Lewis).

After sharing a brief, honest, and entertaining conversation on what that word means to them, the duo sets off on a series of skits inspired by the word.

The skits are usually an examination of the odd things that people deal with in relationships — these aren’t just people who met at the bus stop. The pair’s eight-year history of working together allows the conversations to be more personal, comfortable, and bolder than those some improvisors share.

It’s seriously funny stuff.